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This CRM WebResource utility enables Users to use Dependent Picklist data in TreeView form. Having data displayed in TreeView form makes data selection easier and faster.

There are 2 parts to this utility

1. Mapping Picklist items to each other to form a Hierarchy

2. Putting TreeView control on CRM form.

  •  Mapping Picklist items to each other to form a Hierarchy

Once imported Managed solution, a link [TreeView for Picklist ] is created under Settings –> Customization.

Clicking on “TreeView for Picklist” will open a Silverlight form. On Silverlight form select Entity for which Picklist mapping needs to be done.

Currently Silverlight form allows mapping between maximum 4 Picklist fields. Once completed copy XML from TextArea shown on form and create a CRM Data (XML) WebResource.

Note the name of the WebResource as it is needed later on.

 Following is Demo Screen for Silverlight Form for Picklist mapping



  • Putting TreeView control on CRM form.
  1. Once Data(XML) WebResource is created and published. Open the Entity form on which TreeView Control needs to be shown.
  2. Add WebResource “treeview_/HTML/DDLTreeView.htm” to form at appropriate location. Give name to WebResource and note this name.
  3. On Form Properties add JavaScript Library treeview_/Script/TreeView.js


     4. On Form Load event call JavaScript function LoadDDLCodeTree(webResourceId, xmlWebResourceName), pass the WebResource Name and Data (XML) WebResource Name.


   5. Publish the Form Customization.


Demo Screen of how TreeView control looks on CRM Form




  1. Having a TreeView form of data makes User to quickly browse through the TreeView and make selection more quickly.
  2. TreeView control allows user to select Top-Down as well as Bottom-Up.
  3. In Top-Down Picklists are set only to the node where User as selected from hierarchy.
  4. In Bottom-Up if user selects a node from TreeView all the its Parent Nodes are automatically set in Picklist.
  5. If required Picklists can be kept disabled to enforced only TreeView selection.
  6. Picklist Mapping Utility makes it very easy to configure Mappings between Picklists.
  7. Although Silverlight form currently allowing only 4 levels, there is no limit on Levels of TreeView hierarchy.

Demo Video 

Hope this Utility helps CRM System Customizers to offer more easier way to handle Dependent Picklists.

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